Friday, December 3, 2010

Blair is better...

There's been lots of fuss about Blake Lively lately as a style icon. Leighton Meester may not always get it right, thought God loves a trier, but give me Blair Waldorf any day! It's weird because Serena's style is probably closer to my own but there's something about Blair :)

Plus the Blair look is sooo right now and all that.
M xx

Freakscene Geansai Nollaig party

The perfect excuse to wear silly jumpers and get to go visit Santa like when we were little 'uns. Positively Vintage on Castle Street always gets in the spirit and sells Christmas jumpers. Here's some more..
This one is from Urban Outfitters and is definitely a bit more cool than your typical naff xmas jumper!
A Topshop offering.
and from
There's also lots of festive jumper-dresses and cardies in New Look.
 See ya there
M xx

When it's this cold..

..all you can do is have some chocolate :)
Chocolatey nails from Barry M.
 Chocolatey Daim bar sweets from heaven.

Killjoys make some noise!

'For every time that they want to count you out
Use your voice every single time you open up your mouth'
Danger Days: the True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys is here and amazing. MCR are here and amazing in the O2 Dublin next February. Check out both, even if you think you've already made up your mind ;)
M xx

Amity love

Last Friday night was the Amity birthday party to celebrate one year of the shop being open. I decided I'd 'pop in' and have a look. Countless drinks and cupcakes and four hours later I was still there! I've always thought the shop was beautiful and a real inspiration. In what is so obviously a crap time for everyone financially, and when big chains are having to shut their doors these women have made a massive success out of a small bussiness against the odds. They've done this by supplying beautiful clothes,notably dresses, in equally beautifully decorated surroundings in their shop on French Church Street which has now expanded onto a second floor. I've often noticed it's hard to get really nice dressy party dresses but Amity is full of them whether you're channeling 50s Mad Men chic or the British tea party look, and the small numbers of each piece stocked means you can definitely be unique and not have to run into someone wearing the same dress as you (morto like!) On the night I was really impressed with the discounted shopping, dj, goodie bags and  free drinks and sweets all night.(Although the free drinks bit seemed less impressive the next day!) It turned into a real party and all the customers were so well looked after by the staff. Check out the store's Facebook  page here and if you've never been for a nose yet go go go! Happy birthday Amity, I've got a feeling this will be the first of many years :)
I was a bit too obsessed with all the free sweets :)

Goings on..

This week I..
 went to see the Drums in the Academy (they were AMAZING)
where I met the lovely  and super-stylish Breffni. She was only 18 and dressed from head to toe in vintage finds, I doubt I even knew what vintage was when I was 18!
Not pictured: the ridiculous amount of snow that fell on me during that two days in Dublin
P.S. to the girls in the foyer of the Academy who believed the young lad who was pretending to be Jonathan Pearce and putting on an American accent, morto for yis!

M xx